Tanner Pitts


I know how to do a thing or two.

Illustrator 90%
Photoshop 90%
After Effects 50%
WordPress 90%
SketchUp 60%

Brand Identity

Branding builds a company’s personality, and that’s something that consumers can get attached to.

Visual Design

Thoughtful design beats good design (or no design!) any day.

Writing for Media

I write clear, concise copy for the web, news and PR.


Compelling stories are the heart of effective content, design and branding.



Howdy! I’m Tanner, and I’m a visual designer, with a special interest in brand identity and logo design. Along with that, I do web design and Internet marketing, and I love writing clean copy for the web and print.

My passion for branding is rooted in a love for small business and small business owners. It’s an honor to work with people who are following their dreams and doing something they’re passionate about. Branding often gets overlooked when people are bogged down in the details of starting and operating a business themselves; however, thoughtful and unique branding builds a business’s personality and truly sets it apart.


Shoot me an email if you want to hire me/buy me dinner.